Helium Leak Detectors


Heliot 900 series has the worlds fastest pumping speed for helium and uses a tablet type user-friendly operator interface that provides the best flexible performance for all of your helium leak testing applications.


  • HELIOT 900 has a very fast pumping speed 5L/sec by ULTRA flow which shortens the time for the helium back ground to drop. Especially when checking for very small leaks. Sensitivity is improved when leak testing is done with a differential pumping systems. 
  • Eye friendly display, visually intuitive operation with a simple and clear touch screen. 
  • Easy access maintenance panels can be removed without any tools.  Internal configuration also designed for easy maintenance.
  • HELIOT 900 series has five models available depending on your application.
  • Tablet type wireless controller with 7" inch size touch panel. This is standard for the HELIOT 900 SERIES. Optional "Special Touch Pen" is also available. 



  • Automotive industry / e.g.. torque converter, fuel tank, wheel, suspension and brakes
  • Air conditioners / e.g.. condenser, evaporator, compressor and heat exchanger
  • Electronics / e.g.. semiconductors, SAW device, quartz crystal and IC
  • Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, space development industry, etc.
  • For measuring flow rate, transmittance, adsorption and sealing, etc.

7" touch panel is standard for the HELIOT 900 SERIES.


“Announcement on Problem of Our Calibrated Leaks During Air Transportation”