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Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Materials

With today's demand for sophisticated integrated circuits, our semiconductor materials must be of the highest purity. Unwanted alkali and transition metals, gases, and radioactive elements which corrupt such devices are reduced to minute levels. Our purity standards utilize methods such as Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry (GDMS), Atomic Emission Spectromentry (AES), and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS). 

Main products for semiconductor: 
W(6~8N), Al, Al alloys, Ta, Ti, TiW, MoSi, WSi, TiSi, Cu, PZT, BST, STO 

Main products for magnetic disk and heads: 
Cr, Cr alloys, CoPt alloys, C, Al2O3

Main products for flat panel displays: 
ITO, Cr, SiO2, Mo, Ti alloys, Al alloys

Main products for electronic parts: 
Si3N4, Cr, Al, Ni-Cr, Cu, Pt, Au, ZnO, Ta, Pd, SiO2, etc

Main products for optics/optical communication: 
Si, SiO2, Mg, ITO, ZnO, Ti, etc

Target configurations are constructed to each customer's specifications. Targets supplied can be of single piece "monolithic" construction or bonded to metal backing plates. 



We can supply such targets to fit a variety of sputtering systems including ULVAC, Applied Materials, Anelva, Novellus/Varian, TEL/MRC, Unaxis/Balzers/Leybold, etc


Various types of deposition materials for heating, including materials for ornament and electronic parts, are available. 

• Materials: Pure metal, alloy (Co alloy, Ni alloy, etc.), oxide materials (alumina, ITO, etc.), sulfur materials, nitride, etc.


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ULVAC extends service to various and high market demands. ULVAC has been a major supplier in Japan and Asia. Please see our brochure.

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