Advanced Plasma Resist Strip System

The Enviro-1Xa advanced plasma resist strip system from ULVAC is the latest photoresist removal equipment offering exceptional performance at an incredible price. Specifically designed for non-300mm fabs, it is equipped with a versatile platform that can handle the complete line of wafer size ranging from 4 inch to 8 inch. The system is capable of high speed photoresist removal at more than 10μm/min, with excellent repeatability and high reliability. The Enviro-1Xa has integrated all the demands from device manufacturers – compact design, high throughput, low cost, less consumable – to deliver the lowest Cost of Ownership (CoO).


• High efficiency downstream plasma source
• >10 μ/min ash rate
• 70WPH (20sec process time)
• 4” - 8” wafer size
• Dual cassette loading
• SMIF option
• HEPA option
• Applications: Resist strip, Descum, MEMS Release, Bevel Clean
• Temperature Control: 5 Deg. C to 80 Deg. C (cold chuck), and RT to 280 Deg. C
• Lift pins: Process with pins up, or pins in the down position
• Mass Flow Controllers: 2 to 6 available (including corrosive gases)
• Gas Chemistries: O2, H2/N2, Ar, CHF3, CF4, NF3, NH3
• Wafer Sizes: 100, 150, 200 mm


  • Pins-up Ashing
  • Enviro is fully capable of ashing with Pins-up or Pins-down
  • Enables backside ashing of resist and bevel cleaning
  • Wafer can be “pre-heated” on the chuck and then lifted to enhance backside etch rate

150mm to 200mm Wafer Conversion

  • Enviro is fully capable of running wafers from 100mm up to 200mm diameter
  • To change from 150mm to 200mm and back is easy. Handler must be taught for each wafer size, only required 1 time on initial setup. Total time to switch is < 1 hour