Policy Statement

ULVAC Technologies, Inc. is committed to operating and maintaining an environmentally friendly workplace that is safe and healthy for all employees and neighbors in the community, that protects the environment, that conserves energy and natural resources and that designs/produces products that are environmentally friendly to operate and to dispose of at end of life, based on current RoHS standards.

 ULVAC Technologies, Inc. is committed to the following:

  • Design and build products that minimize or eliminate environmentally harmful byproducts during the manufacturing, operation and disposal phases of the products’ life.
  • Incorporate environmentally friendly policies and practices in our business decisions.
  • Prevent pollution, reduce waste emissions and reuse/recover/recycle whenever practical.
  • Comply with all local, state and federal environmental, safety and health regulations.
  • Provide periodic EH&S training for all employees to raise environmental conservation and safety awareness throughout the company.
  • Hold periodic management reviews of our environmental compliance practices to determine their effectiveness and to determine if there are areas where improvements can be made
  • Make this policy and associated goals available to the public.


ULVAC Environmental Program
ULVAC Environmental Program
ULVAC Environmental Program